Does My Roof Have Storm Damage, I don’t See Any Damage From The Ground?

Unfortunately in many cases you won’t see hail impact marks on a roof or gutters from the ground. Even if you don’t see the damage, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. It is best if you can catch the damage in the early stages before the problem gets out of control. Call Storm Troopers, LLC and have us get on the roof to provide a FREE, No-Obligation Inspection to verify any damage before reaching out to your Insurance Carrier. We also provide Pictures and/or Video of all inspections to our Customers so we can both look at and discuss our findings.

But My Roof Isn’t leaking– I’m OK, Right?
The damage from a Hail or Wind Storm might not be apparent right after the storm. It might take a couple of heavy rains or even up to a year for the roof to start leaking. The reason for this is when hail hits the roof it loosens the granules on the shingle. How quickly that damage appears and potential leaks occur, really depends on how long it takes for those loosened granules to wash off during heavy rains and expose the asphalt matting underneath the granules.
Should I file a claim? Will my insurance premiums go up? Will they drop me?
There are many people that don’t file a claim because they are concerned that their insurance premiums will go up or that they will be dropped by their insurance company if they file a claim. This is a HUGE MISTAKE! By law, Hail & Wind Storms are considered to be an Act of God, therefore insurance companies are not allowed to raise your rates or cancel your policy. There is absolutely no reason not to investigate whether you have a Hail and/or Wind Damage.
How Much Will The Storm Restoration Cost Me?
If your home has experienced damage from the storm– all you have to do is pay your deductible– the rest is going to be covered by your insurance company.
Who Should I call First? Insurance Company or a Contractor?

The first thing you should do is to find out if you have damage to your roof, siding or gutters by setting up a FREE, No-Obligation Inspection with Storm Troopers, LLC to verify damage to the residence. If there is not significant damage found during our inspection then you don’t need to call your insurance company and you won’t have an unnecessary claim filed on your record. If there is damage found now you have somebody to look out for your best interests when you file a claim. If you happen to call the insurance company first, they will open up a claim and send an insurance adjuster to inspect your property. The adjuster works on behalf of the insurance company and more often than not, they tend to look out for the insurance’s company best interests– not yours! Make sure Storm Troopers, LLC is present when the Insurance Adjuster inspects your roof so he/she can make sure the Adjuster sees all the damage and documents everything.